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Arrow Frequently Asked Questions

Hi all, there have been various questions asked and we thought it best to compile a list of these with answers. Please see below:

Q) What are MG?
A) MG = Movie Gold. You need Movie Gold to watch some movies. Click on your user name (type right corner) and go to "Upgrade Member Type" to acquire MG

Q) What if I don't want to acquire MG?
A) The site also offers a number of free movies. Follow this link => Free Movies

Q) Will Movie Gold be awarded to members on the forum?
A) Yes! You can earn MG's if you refer people to the site. When that person registers, you will be awarded 2MG (to a maximum of 10MG per day) use this link = >
Send Invitation Code, Get Movie Gold

Q) How do I buy Movie Gold (MG)?
A) Read the instructions on this Thread => How to buy Movie Gold (MG)

Q) I've just registered but I haven't received my verification e-mail yet.
A) You must register using a Hotmail or Gmail account. For more information, read this thread => Email Verification Problem

Q) What happens to the money members contribute?
A) Membership fund is collected for the necessary maintenance and cost of running the site.

Q) How long have I got to watch a movie for after paying MG?
A) You can watch the same movie 10 times in a 24 hour period. After this, you will have to pay the required MG again.

Q) Where can I see what movies I've watched and how many MG were deducted?
A) You can access your Watching Logs by going into your Account on Please note: "Watching Logs" are only kept for approximately 3 months, and are then deleted to make room on the server. If you wish to keep strict account of what you have watched, please make a copy that you keep for yourself.

Q) Does movieonline offer foreign language films?
A) No, not currently. At present we will only add "Hollywood" movies

Q) How can I download the movie?
A) You can't. Movieonline provides streaming of these movies. We do not offer a download facility, as it is illegal. Any questions of this nature, in the forum, will be closed immediately.

Q) I've got a problem, who do I contact?
A) You should contact a Moderator or Super Moderator by either posting openly on the forum or sending a Private Message (PM). You will find The Moderator details for each forum at the end of the page (bottom right). The only queries that should be sent directly to Admin are 1) Lost MG's, 2) Login Issues and 3) Serious issues with a Moderator / Super Moderator (however, you can contact another Super Moderator is the last instance also)

Q) How soon after it's cinema/theatre release will a movie be available on movieonline?
A) As you know, a brand new movie is usually screened in theatre, then it can be watched on BR or DVD, and our movies are from DVDRIP source. So it depends on how long it is at the theatre and then when we can get a reliable DVDRIP source.

Q) What are the different types of Member status?
A) A registered member will automatically be given the status of Junior Member. Thereafter a member status is determined by 3 factors; Reputation Level, Days Registered or Number of Posts. Please see table below for details:

Q) Does offer TV shows?

A) No, however our partner offer similar video streaming, but for TV shows.

Q) Will new forums be added?
A) Yes, the site is still very new and our admin team are currently working on new forums to add.

Q) I just got an Infraction, what does this mean?
A) An infraction happens as a result of spamming, use of profanities, insulting other members, using inappropriate signatures or failure to abide by forum rules. If a member continues to ignore infractions or warnings given by Moderators, they will be Banned from the Forum. In some cases the Ban will be permanent.

Q) I just got banned, why would this be?
A) A ban is given for a serious offence, continued breach of forum rules or continuing to ignore infractions/warnings given by moderators. If a member posts links to pornographic sites or the like, they will be banned immediately: No infractions or prior warnings will be given.

Q) How do I change the Time on the forum to be my Time Zone?

A) Take a look at this guide = > to change your timezone

Q) What are reputation points and what do they mean to me?
A) Reputation points (using this icon ) is a way for members (and moderators/administrators) to award other members when they make useful and/or helpful posts.

1) Every time a member has a post approved, their reputation will increase by 1 point.

2) In order to be able to award reputation points, a member must have a level of 50 reputation points themselves

3) If you approve a members post you must approve 5 different members before you can award that same member again

4) You can only award 10 reputation points in a 24hr period

5) If you disapprove a post that member will get negative reputation points.

6) If a moderator approves your post, you will receive more than 1 point (this figure has not been finalised yet)

7) If an Administrator approves your post, you will receive 10 reputation points.

Below is the table containing the different levels:

As the site develops, we will add more FAQ's

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shinny is a jewel in the roughshinny is a jewel in the roughshinny is a jewel in the roughshinny is a jewel in the roughshinny is a jewel in the roughshinny is a jewel in the rough

Please take note of the updated FAQ's section. Thank you.
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