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The site switched to Flash today, as announced here, which means to view you need to download the link from Adobe, as pictured on the left side of the movieonline homepage screen:

If you choose to still view via RealPlayer, you must click on the link "RM Site" at the top of the page.

To receive reimbursement for lost MG due to site error, you must send a PM to etworm, the site administrator, with a copy of the affected part of your viewing log. You have 10 attempts/24 hours to watch a movie on the initial MG.

To report an error here, please actually post which movie you are attempting to watch and the error you experienced. I see currently you are getting the "stream not found" message, but you did not say for which movie. If we don't know which movie, the tech team does not know that which movies need to be fixed.

Keep in mind, the replies you receive here in the forum are only from us moderators (unless etworm replies directly), and we have no control over the videos. We can only pass along the information. While your frustration is understandable, we ask that you try and keep your anger in check when posting, since we are here to assist you. I suggest you check out the troubleshooting thread for the Flash site - here and try it on some free movies while you also send that PM to etworm requesting reimbursement.
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