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Originally Posted by buddyboy View Post
every time I try to play a movie Iget this message...ERROR LOADING MEDIA
what is happening I have sent many messages about this with no reply. Please look into this and let me know PLEASE buddyboy
I have replied to all of your posts. Do you mean you've messaged etworm and haven't heard back? You never provided any details as to what you're using to access the site. Post #1 here lists some information for you to provide so someone would have a better chance of providing an explanation. As I mentioned in at least one of my replies, while I've been unable to replicate your error, my mobile devices running older systems are no longer compatible with the site.

I've done a bit more searching, and the issue might be with your ISP, since you're unable to view any videos on the site. You could try to access the site through a proxy, or a VPN, if you have one. If you're using Chrome, there is a free extension called Hola that might be helpful.
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