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Originally Posted by mangopassion19 View Post
Thank you!
It's on the viptv site that it says her points expire in May 2019 and she does use the monthly service. I am attaching a print screen where it mentions that as I did not find where to contact lbjedward on viptv site forum. Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated
To contact lbjedward, you just need to send him a PM in the friendvista forum. He can also be reached via email at: Sometimes unknown email addresses get routed to his SPAM folder, so if you don't hear back within a few days, let me know, and I can let him know to look for your message. Hopefully that helps.
This forum is so messed up that I can't get any attachments to fully open, even simple photos. They just continue with the loading circle, so I couldn't even look at the photo you provided, but I believe you about the info on it.
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