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Originally Posted by jms6886 View Post
I would like it better if someone answered my emails in the past 12 hours and credited my MG's...its already been taken out of my bank account...Sent 7 messages not one answered. I would like to use what I paid for. Thanks
You will get what you paid for, but I can't say how long it will take.

On a side note, it is not necessary to post about the same problem multiple times, in different threads. Moderators have zero control over crediting accounts on the movie site. Only our Admin, etworm, can take care of your problem, and he is located in China. Hopefully, when you say you sent messages, you meant PMs in the forum. Also, it is not necessary to send so many PMs on the same day about the same problem. That just clutters his inbox making it take longer for him to get to actually taking care of the problem rather than reading all the messages.
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